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General League Rules:

        • Team Composition: Teams must consist of eight players each on the field at any time. 
        • Minimum Players: A minimum of five players is required for a team to start a game.
        • Gender Rule for Coed: There must be at least two non-male players on the field at all times during coed matches.
        • Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions are allowed at any time during the game.
        • Slide Tackles: Slide tackles are not permitted in the interest of safety.
        • No Offside Rule: The offside rule does not apply in this league, but "cherry picking" (staying near the opponent's goal without participating in the active play) is not allowed.
        • Free Kicks: All free kicks are direct, except when a goalkeeper handles a ball passed back from their own team, in which case an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.
        • Penalty Kicks (PKs): Penalty kicks follow the standard rules as set by FIFA.
        • Throw-ins: Players must use a traditional overhead throw-in to reintroduce the ball into play.
        • Goal Posts: Players are to not hang on the top bar of goal posts at any time. 

Disciplinary Rules:

        • Yellow Card: A player receiving a yellow card must leave hte field for 3 minutes of game time. However, a substitution is allowed for the player during this penalty period.
        • Two Yellows Equal Red: If a player receives two yellow cards in a single game, it is considered a red card, and the player is ejected from the match.
        • Red Card: A red card results in the immediate ejection of the player from the game, and the player will also miss the next scheduled game. The team must continue with a player down on the field for the remainder of the game.
        • Goalkeeper Restrictions: Goalkeepers are not allowed to use drop kicks. All kicks by the GK must start from the ground (the pitch).

Weather Policy:

        • In the event of known bad weather, team captains will be notified of any cancellations at least 1 hour before kickoff. The schedule page can also be checked for any possible game cancellations. The decision to cancel games closer to kickoff or during is still a possibility weather dependent. All games are considered a GO unless otherwise communicated by any league official. Games will still be played in the rain. Any team that does not show for a scheduled game will be a forefit. Games cancelled during play will be rescheduled starting from the time of stoppage unless in the second half. In which case, games will be called based on the result at the time of cancellation. 

Forefits / Points:

        • Forefit: In the event a team is unable, does not show for a game, or is unable to field a team of the minimum required - the game will result in a forefit by that team. 
        • Winner Determination: 1. Total Points 2. Goal Differential 3. Goals Scored 4. Head to Head

Additional Considerations:

      • Timekeeping: The official match time is kept by the referee, and the clock does not stop for substitutions or other stoppages.
      • Sportsmanship: All players are expected to maintain a high level of sportsman ship. Any form of abusive language or behavior can result in disciplinary action, including removal from the league.